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Aachen Maker Meetup (Dorkbot): Event Reports

This page contains reports with the highlights of each of our monthly meetups. (Reports until 2015 are in German.)


  • #118, Wed, Jul 17, 2019: We celebrated the 10-Year Anniversary of our Aachen Maker Meetup with over 60 attendees, new fabbed electronic games, the FabScan Pi DIY 3D scanner, a DIY laser art installation, and the Greatest Hits and Misses of 10 Years of Aachen Maker Meetup. Founding Fab Lab manager René Bohne (now in Berlin, via video), serial inventor Mario Lukas, and maker publisher Volker Bombien from Bombini-Verlag were there, and we gave fabbed buttons celebrating the occasion as a gift to everyone attending. — Full Event Report
  • #117, Wed, June 19, 2019: Raf Verheyen gave an overview of 3D printing techniques in industry, and we tested the DIY art installation.  Full Event Report
  • #116, Wed, May 15, 2019: AR Sketching, AI, and Dandelions. We saw a demo of the ARPen (available on the iOS App Store!), Tanja Golinski talked about her Master Thesis about how Makers document, Andreas Schuderer gave us an Introduction to AI, and Oleksiy presented his wonderful interactive art project Field of Magic Dandelions.  Full Event Report
  • #115, Wed, Apr 17, 2019:  Our Egg-Bot decorated lots of Easter eggs, everyone got to try out a selfmade e-skateboard, Prof. Borchers introduced Adafruit's Gemma M0 board for wearable projects, and we started experimenting with Arduino's MKR 1010 board.
  • #114, Wed, Mar 20, 2019: Making Stuff. This month it was time to get our projects moving forward! — Full Event Report
  • #113, Wed, Feb 20, 2019: 'Maker Stories' - A film team came to interview interested makers about their current or other projects they built before. These interviews and projects will be integrated as 'Maker Stories' on Conrad's YouTube channel.
  • #112, Wed, Jan 16, 2019


  • #111, Wed, Dec 19, 2018: Blender for Makers: Birgit Stolte gave an exciting talk and introduced us to the 3D design software 'Blender' and how we can use it for Maker projects.
  • #110, Special event, Nov 19, 2018:  Tangible Learning Roadshow in Aachen. 
  • #109, Wed, Oct 17, 2018
  • #108, Wed, Sep 19, 2018
  • Summer break in July and August due to conferences and other travel of the organizers
  • #107, 4th Wednesday of the month, Jun 27, 2018: Matlab Crash Course, and a Fab Academy final project
  • #106, Wed, May 16, 2018: CHI and Eggs: Current maker research, and the Egg-Bot plotter. With video highlights from CHI, the world's top conference on new user interface research, that show new research prototypes of personal fabrication tools, and the Egg-Bot plotter for eggs and other round objects.
  • #105, Wed, Apr 18, 2018: Wearables: From Body Sensors to Interactive Fashion. With Markus Lüken's wireless wearable sensors for body signals, a new toolkit for on-body haptic output using Shape Memory Alloys in 3D printed enclosures, a project tracking dance movements using wearable sensors, and a haptic vest for the blind. — Full Event Report.
  • #104, Wed, Mar 21, 2018: Tools — Makers' Favorite Helpers. With a show-and-tell of Roger Leifert's Every Maker Should Have One must-have selection of tools. — Full Event Report and Video.
  • #103, Wed, Feb 21, 2018: The past, present, and future or learning Maker skills. With special guest Frank Brennecke from Berlin, published in c't Make for his modern extensions to the legendary Philips EE electronics kits. More details (in German). — Full Event Report and Video.
  • #102, Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Reports from our monthly meetups between February 2015 (#67) and January 2018 (#102) are not online.








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