Aachen Maker Meetup #116 (Wed, May 15, 2019): Presentations and Dandelions

Prof. Jan Borchers presented the AR Pen iOS App with a business card which could be used as the pen to draw in AR space.
ar pen thumb

Tanja Golinski asked the makers to participate in a user study conducted for her Master Thesis "Understanding Hardware Documentation Processes in the Maker Community". Maker Meet TanjaShe is researching ways in which makers document their work process and how HCI could be employed to aid them. 

Introduction to AI - presentation by Andreas Schuderer who talked about algorithms and aproaches which solve problems intelligently but aren't always actually intelligent (like A*) and more advanced techniques like neural networks.
Maker Meet Andreas

The presentation was interrupted by the arrival of the pizza feast and continued after a tasty bite and some cold refreshments.

After Andreas finished, we were treated by a presentation of the interactive art project "Field of Magic Dandelions" by Oleksiy Maryasov. Oleksiy is looking for collaborators and is open for contact :)
Maker Meet Field Of Dandelions 1

 Maker Meet Field Of Dandelions 2Maker Meet Field Of Dandelions 3

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