Aachen Maker Meetup #146 (Wed, Apr 19, 2023): Self-made clocks and theremin

This time, many visitors met at the Maker Meetup. Exciting projects were shown and also interesting discussions were held with rich participation. A pizza break was also included. 

The following projects were presented below:

Roger Leifert has built two self-made clocks with special features. A clock representing the Berlin TV tower and a Berlin clock. The Berlin clock, for example, shows the hours in the top row, the 5-minute intervals in the second row, and the individual minutes in the bottom two rows. The seconds are indicated by the flashing lamp in the bottom row.


In addition, he also presented a self-made theremin. An electronic musical instrument that is played by moving the hands in the air without touching the instrument directly. 


 Birgit Stolte designed a modern birdhouse and used Plexiglas for the creation.


 Dustin Schneider brought a part of his final thesis and presented an arduino he built himself.


Projects were also realized in the Fab Lab. Malte Kretschmar, Raphael Flecker and Anna Farkas designed a drinking game. They engraved toasts and challenges on Jenga stones using the laser cutter and asked Chat GPT to suggest ideas.


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