Aachen Maker Meetup #150 (July 12, 2023): Talks and Idea Collection

Following the completion of the theremin kits in the last Meetup, this time just a minor inspection of one of the devices was performed by Roger. Following that most of the Meetup consisted of talking about possible projects that could be realized in the form of a workshop in the future.

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To name just a few of the ideas that were presented:

  • Doppler radar
  • different kinds of clocks (Berlin clock, Düsseldorf Lichtzeitpegel, custom word clocks)
  • Aachener Wettersäule
  • miniature Tesla coil
  • Geiger counter
  • air quality sensor / CO2-Ampel (CO2, particles)

The participants also talked about a lot of interesting projects, some even had pictures or a short video clip to show. One of the new participants in the Meetup group built a garden watering system that he integrated into his smart home. Another interesting project he presented was a bird nesting box with an integrated camera so it was possible to observe the birds without disturbing them.

Apart from talking about diy projects there were all kinds of interesting topics, ranging from modern AI applications like chatgpt to solar installations and even the first computers and printers built by Apple.

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