back 58. Treffen, Mi. 14.05.2014
This was a very special dorkbot meeting! Mitch Altman, inventor of the TV-B-GONE and co-founder of Noisebridge, talked about his projects and showed us some of his inventions.
Our dorkbot meeting was part of the Mitch UK DE Tour 2014.

Jan and Ina tested the various glasses that Mitch brought to Aachen.

3D-printers everywhere! There is no dorkbot meeting without a 3D-printer.

Jan Zimmermann builds costumes. He showed us some parts of his Lord of the Ring outfit.

Jan Thar used the CutCAD software to cut nice shapes with the laser cutter.

In the past weeks, Burkhard Rieck created a sonar drone in the fab lab. He used cardboard to create the skeleton of a boat and added a sonar sensor to it. He showed a nice data visualisation of his first scan results.

The TV-B-Gone:

Some more impressions from this meeting:

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