Aachen Maker Meetup #152 Theremin concert, Arduino presentation and more

In this Maker Meet Up, many participants exchanged ideas and talked about various exciting projects. There were also several performances and presentations. The Meet Up was completed by a small Fab Lab tour and own projects were realized with the laser cutter. The whole evening was rounded off with a pizza break.

2023-10-20-19.50.10.jpg 2023-10-20-19.50.07.jpg

 In this evening, the theremin was thematized. The theremin is an electronic musical instrument invented in 1920 and is the only widely used musical instrument that is played without touching it and produces sounds directly. Its name comes from its inventor, the Russian Lev Termen. Jamilla brought her own theremin and gave a small concert. Roger brought a theremin with tube oscillators, similar to Lev Termen's original theremins, where they were also in use. Later theremins were equipped with transistor oscillators instead.

 Theremin.jpg Theremin_Kalinka.jpg   

Prof. Jan Borchers presented the Arduino Uno, the worldwide successful microcontroller board and many interesting facts about it. Like for example the possibility to use different functions via R4 Wifi as well as to bring the average time to blink with the Arduino under one minute.


Other projects were also presented, Birgit brought a project where you can make a glowing egg out of a roll-on deodorant and an LED. She also used the laser cutter to cut parts for a replica of the Luxor Junior lamp from Pixar to plug together. She also continued building a word clock.

2023-10-20-19.49.22.jpg  IMG_9149.jpeg  2023-10-20-19.48.51.jpg

Anna and Malte used the laser cutter and engraved Jenga stones. They also cut out parts for Halloween glasses. The evening ended with a Fab Lab tour, where many interesting conversations were held.


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