Aachen Maker Meetup #147 (April 3, 2023): Theremin Soldering Party

This week, an unscheduled Maker Meetup was held to test build a JFET-Theremin. Roger had prepared kits for everyone. While reading through the provided tutorial, everyone began assembling the kits.

amm theremin 1 camm theremin 5 c

After spending a considerable amount of time sorting parts, soldering and taking a brief pizza break, we were finally nearing the completion of the basic electronic circuitry of some of the kits.

amm theremin 3 camm theremin 4 c

At the end of the meetup, Roger presented a working kit to demonstrate how it should sound and behave. Our goal for the next meetup is to finish assembling the remaining kits.

photo 2023 05 09 14 43 14 camm theremin 2 c


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