Aachen Maker Meetup #155: Holobox, Shooting Range, Minicomputers and Magnetic Dipoles

The first Meetup this year brought together a diverse range of projects. Here is a glimpse of the fascinating projects presented during the event:

One of the projects featured at the meetup was the Minicomputer from Vaish. This compact computing device was crafted using PLA through 3D printing technology. The computer is running on a Linux operating system.


Birgit presented an interactive shooting range featuring AI-generated duck images. The shooting experience was enhanced by the use of 3D-printed round discs as ammunition. The entire setup, including the firearms and duck images, highlighted the intersection of artificial intelligence and traditional gaming elements, providing a unique and entertaining experience for participants. Another project by Birgit was the Holobox, a device that allowed users to watch small films. Functioning as a miniature cinema, the Holobox required a mobile phone for operation. The box itself was intricately crafted using the laser cutter at the FabLab. Plexiglass was also skillfully cut to enhance the visual experience.


Dustin presented his thesis project focused on magnetic dipoles using AMR sensors. The project aimed to determine the positions and magnetic strengths of magnets through the use of MMC sensors. 


Robert took his self-built R2 with him and presented it. This little robot reacts to certain commands and can move. There is also an app that you can use to control it.


In summary, this Maker Meetup once again offered many interesting projects and provided a platform for many who want to share their ideas and creativity.

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