Aachen Maker Meetup #157: Easter eggs from the EggBot, Mario chessboard, homemade soaps

This Meetup was all about Easter and especially about painting Easter eggs. However, many other do-it-yourself projects were also shown, which led to many interesting discussions.

Nitzan Eilon presented a series of homemade soaps, including one with mustard oil, which illustrated the various processes involved in soap making. Nitzan's homemade soaps provided an insight into the art and chemistry behind soap making. 


Martin Weil presented a self-made chessboard inspired by the Mario universe, complete with 3D-printed chess pieces. The filament used for this was partially mixed with different color transitions.


Birgit Stolte presented noiseless cubes crafted with a 3D printer, highlighting the functional aspect of homemade creations 


 The focus of the evening was the EggBot with its automatic painting capabilities. Attendees were interested in its ability to print intricate designs on spherical objects, including precisely painted Easter eggs. In addition, participants had the opportunity to unleash their creativity and use the EggBot to design and paint their own Easter eggs, adding a personal touch to the evening.



Throughout the event, numerous conversations ensued as attendees shared ideas and insights, inspired by the creativity and innovation of the products on display. As the Meetup drew to a close, participants left the event with new ideas.

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