Aachen Maker Meetup #156: Floating Pen, Ergonomic Keyboard, Remote Controlled Mower

Birgit showcased her project, a floating pen holder. She 3D printed a stand with embedded magnets, while affixing another magnet to a pen. When the pen was placed in the holder, it appeared to stand upright effortlessly, creating a captivating illusion of levitation.


Chris designed an ergonomic keyboard to alleviate arm and shoulder problems faced by his friends. This project required three days of meticulous design work, followed by a total of 36 hours of printing, 12 hours of soldering, and 2 days of assembly. The result is a customized keyboard tailored to ergonomic needs, demonstrating Chris's commitment to addressing real-world issues through maker innovation.


Rüdiger presented his self-built lawnmower robot, a project he initiated 15 years ago. This robot boasts both remote control capabilities and full autonomy and is inspired by the design of a beetle. It features modular construction, enabling individual functions to be taught to students as exercises in vocational school. Notably, the robot incorporates three cutting blades, allowing it to trim grass ahead of its wheels without prior flattening—a unique and efficient feature setting it apart from conventional lawnmower designs.


Additionally, "The Media Computing Project" showcased two captivating games. In "Piggy Beat," players navigate a virtual pig through a challenging level by slapping a printed pig controller, dodging cars to save its father.


The second project, "Barnyard Escape" involves supporting a goat and a sheep on their journey to freedom by petting them. Notably, the trailer for "Barnyard Escape" was narrated by an AI voice, adding a unique touch to the presentation. 


In conclusion this MakerMeetup served as a vibrant hub for innovative minds to converge, exchange ideas, and showcase their creativity, fostering a dynamic community of makers.

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