Aachen Maker Meetup: October 10, 2019

In this weeks Maker Meetup we saw many new faces. The Maker Meetup was located at DigitAC (https://digitac.cc/) in Aachen. If you want to get in contact with them you can just show up at their weekly meeting, which usually takes place on Tuesday. They also offer a "Repair Café" where people help each other to repair broken devices.

IMG 9760


We had a little tour through the location and were able to have a look at their makerspace.

IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760


Various interesting talks were given by Uwe and different people. The highlights were the lightshow and the selfmade 3d printed potato gun. Another highlight was the perfectly diffused light strip, which was made by DigitAC member Max.

IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760


Afterwards we had our well deserved pizza and people enjoyed talking to eachother about many different projects and ideas. As usual it was a great evening. 

IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760 IMG 9760  IMG 9760 IMG 9760 

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