Face of René Schäfer

René Schäfer

Research Assistant

Room 2209
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+49 241 80-21067

My name is René and I joined the Media Computing group in late 2020 as a Research Assistant. Currently, my main focus is on textile interfaces (see our RIME project). 

Research Projects

Administrative Role

I am the i10 librarian. This includes maintaining the software for labeling books, maintaining publications, maintaining the CHI rankings page, and keeping the Hochschulbibliothek up to date. More information can be found on the Librarian page

Additionally, I took over the coordination of our Fab Lab from Marcel Lahaye.


WS 2022/2023 iOS Application Development
Lecture TA, with Oliver Nowak
SS 2022 Seminar: Post-Desktop User Interfaces
WS 2021/2022 Seminar: Post-Desktop User Interfaces
WS 2021/2022 Media Computing Project
Lab tutor
SS 2021 Proseminar: Human-Computer Interaction
Organizer, with Simon Völker
WS 2020/2021 Media Computing Project
Lab tutor


Thesis Supervisions

I am always looking for students with knowledge on hardware programming & microcontrollers.

Current supervisions: *

Dustin Schneider* TBD (Scalable Magentic Gesture Recognition) Master's Thesis Winter 2022
Sarah Sahabi* Prevalent Dark Patterns​: Investigating Children's Mental Models of Malicious Designs Master's Thesis Winter 2022
Paul Preuschoff* Designing Dark Pattern Countermeasures for User Interfaces Master's Thesis Winter 2022
Paul Nitzke* An Intelligent Assistant for Annotating Data in a Learning Analytics Dashboard Bachelor's Thesis, 2nd supervision Winter 2022
Elisabeth Buttkus* Measuring Perceived Haptic Similarities Between Textile Icons Bachelor's Thesis, co-supervised with Oliver Nowak Winter 2022
Julia Reim* Investigating Peripheral Feedback for Sitting Posture Guidance Master's Thesis Summer 2022
Ulyana Lavnikevich* Investigating Modalities for Supplemental Notifications in Online Presentations via a Wrist-Worn Device Bachelor's Thesis Summer 2022
Laura Drescher-Manaa Designing a Magnetic Field Sensor Grid for 2D Mid-air Gesture Recognition Bachelor's Thesis Summer 2022
Friedrich Kriegsheim Evaluation and Enhancement of Lecturers' User Experience in an eLearning Application Bachelor's Thesis, 2nd supervision Summer 2022
Lovis Suchmann Textile Icons: Investigating Shape Properties to Improve Haptic Recognition Master's Thesis, co-supervised with Oliver Nowak Winter 2021
Nikita Huber Avoiding Accidental Input: Evaluating Activation and Confirmation Techniques on Textile Sliders Bachelor's Thesis, co-supervised with Oliver Nowak Winter 2021
Huy Dao Development of a Hand Detection on a Large-Area Textile Capacitive Pressure Sensor Matrix Bachelor's Thesis Summer 2021
Mahsa Mansouri The Taxonomy of Indoor Home Interfaces Bachelor's Thesis, co-supervised with Oliver Nowak Summer 2021
Michael Assad What would change if I used a different material? Exploring Visualisations of Dynamic Parameter-Based Adaptions in Collaborative Process Documentation for Makers Bachelor's Thesis, co-supervised with Marcel Lahaye Summer 2021


Student Assistants

Gaetano Privitera
Esra Güney
Simon Löhr
Rene Niewianda




  • Oliver Nowak, René Schäfer, Anke Brocker, Philipp Wacker and Jan Borchers. Shaping Textile Sliders: An Evaluation of Form Factors and Tick Marks for Textile Sliders.  In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI '22, Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, April 2022.
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  • Anke Brocker, René Schäfer, Christian Remy, Simon Voelker and Jan Borchers. Flowboard: How Seamless, Live, Flow-Based Programming Impacts Learning to Code for Embedded Electronics. In ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Just Accepted,April 2022.
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  • 2020

  • René Schäfer. Redesigning ARPen: Evaluating Different Marker Placements for Mid-Air Pen Interaction. Master's Thesis, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, June 2020.
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