Personal Photonics

This three-year research project aims to create new interaction techniques and user interfaces for photonics components, systems, and tools, to make them easier to use for makers, designers, artists, and other non-engineers, putting the photonics industry on center stage of the Open Innovation movement. Personal Photonics is funded by the German Ministry of Science and Education (BMBF) through its Open Photonics Initiative. The project was launched on June 1, 2016, and is carried out by members of our lab at RWTH Aachen University, together with the InfoSphere.


  • VibroVision and Haptic Toolkit: From Photonic Sensors to Wearable Haptic Output
  • ARPen: 3D Sketching for Anyone using Depth Cameras and Augmented Reality
  • InfoSphere: Open Embedded Development Workshops for Schools
  • Flashcards: Enable everybody to learn about Fab Lab processes

Team (Media Computing Group)

Haptic Toolkit:
Jan Thar: Electronics and software development.
Sophy Stönner: Design and textiles.

Philipp Wacker: Research prototypes and user studies.
Krishna Subramanian: Community manager. 
Oliver Nowak: Research prototypes. 

Project Management:
Dr. Simon Völker
Prof. Jan Borchers

Internal project pages (registered users only)



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