Media Computing Project (WS '19/20)

  Class Information

Lab Wed., 13:30 - 15:30
  Room 2222, Informatikzentrum, Ahornstr. 55
Language English
Credits 7 ECTS

  Important Dates

Kickoff Wed., Oct. 9th, 13:30
Presentation Wed., Jan. 29th, 13:30

Media Computing Project is our hands-on lab ("Praktikum").  This year's lab will be all about personal fabrication. You will learn different techniques to come from a prototype to a real working system. The lab will have assignments and a final project.

This course has limited seating.

Project Video


Prof. Dr. Jan

Anke Brocker

For any questions about the class, please contact Anke.



  • Techniques that will be useful during various stages of the design process such as brainstorming, user observation, and prototyping; 

If you have taken Designing Interactive Systems I previously, you can think of this lab as an elaborated version of the project you did; you will continue past the medium-fidelity prototypes to build a fully-functional production-ready system at the end.


  • Introduction

    • Lab: Introduction, Group Formation

      Wed, Oct 9th

      Lecture Slides
    • Assignment: Group Finding & Project Idea

      Due Wed, Oct 16th

  • Basics

    • Lab: Prototyping & Tools

      Wed, Oct 16th

    • Assignment: Storyboard

      Due Wed, Oct 23rd

  • 2D Design & Lasercutting

  • 3D Printing, Molding & Casting

  • 3D Design

  • Arduino & Electronics

    • Lab: Arduino & Electronics introduction

      Wed, Nov 13th

    • Assignment: First prototype

      Due Wed, Nov 27th

  • Embroidery

    • Lab: Embroidery with a Bernina

      Wed, Nov 20th

    • Assignment: None
  • PCB Design and Assembly

    • Lab: PCB introduction

      Wed, Nov 27th

    • Assignment: None
  • Work on Project

    • Lab: Project 

      Wed, Dec 4th

    • Assignment: Single instruments functionality

      Wed, Dec 11th

  • Work on Project

    • Lab: Project

      Wed, Dec 11th

    • Assignment: Full system functionality

      Due Wed, Dec 18th

  • Work on Project

    • Lab: Project

      Wed, Dec 18th

    • Assignment: Packaging

      Due Wed, Jan 22nd

  • Work on Project

    • Lab: Project

      Wed, Jan 8th

    • Assignment: None
  •  Work on Project

    • Lab: Project

      Wed, Jan 15th

    • Assignment: None
  • Work on Project

    • Wed, Jan 22nd

    • Assignment: Full documentation of project & project video

      Due Wed, Jan 29th

  • Final Presentations

    • Final Presentations

      Wed, Jan 29th


Lab exercises and assignments will be graded on the following scale:

1.0 exceptional work that clearly went above and beyond what was given on the exercise
2.0 exercise was completed satisfactorily as per the assignment specification
3.0 exercise was completed, but has some problems
4.0 incomplete exercise
5.0 little or no effort was put into the exercise


To take this course for credit, you must complete all assignments, lab exercises, and the final project. The grade of this course will be a combination of the assignments and final project.
Note that you must achieve a cumulative score above 4.0 and complete all exercises to pass the course.
You are expected to be aware of, and abide by, the ethics policy for courses taught at our chair.

Assignments/lab exercises individualized to each group will be assigned every week. They are to be completed in a group size of 2–3.  
Late assignments will be graded with 5.0. Exceptions will be granted only for valid (i.e., medical) reasons.

Fields of Study

  • Informatik (M.Sc.)/Angewandte Informatik
  • Media Informatics (M.Sc.)
  • Software Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)

Course Allocation and Registration Guide

Number of SWS: P3 (Aachen)
ECTS Credits: 7/10 (for M.Sc. Media Informatics)
Course language: English for all lectures, assignments, and exams

Previous Offerings

SS19 – WS18/19 – SS18 – WS17/18SS17WS16/17SS16WS15/16SS15WS14/15SS14WS13/14SS13WS12/13SS12WS11/12SS11WS10/11SS09SS08SS07SS06

Lab: 2D Design Tools (Inkscape, VisiCut), Lasercutting


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