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Lasercutter: Epilog Zing 6030

If you already have an appointment in the fab lab

If you registered for an appointment online, please bring at least two things to the fab lab:
  • bring your own material (max. 600mmx300mm) - you find a list of supported materials on the bottom of this page
  • bring your data in the VisiCut PLF format
It is also a good idea to bring a laptop and your original files.

Lasercutter Basics

If you operate the laser cutter for the first time, make sure that you read this basic tutorial.

What can I cut with the lasercutter?

The max material size is 600mm x 300mm. It is a 30W laser, so you will not cut materials thicker than 5mm. Have a look at the table below to find out which materials can be used with the lasercutter.

We do NOT cut: Graupappe, PVC (e.g. FOREX,...), Vinyl, Neoprene, Polystyrol (e.g. DEPRON, OWOCOR, ...)

For detailed information, see table below!

When adjusting the laser height, please DO NOT move the laser bed fast or move it too low!

Using the laser cutter directly from Inkscape on Mac OS

  1. Open Inkscape on the FabLab Mac (you need to be logged in as Fablab Master (at the moment))
  2. Import, Create or Open your file in Inkscape
  3. Select everything you want to cut (shift for multiple selections) or select nothing to laser cut everything
  4. Extensions->Lasercut Path->Open with VisiCut That's it.

If you want to use this Inkscape Extension at home, follow these steps:

If you want to cut and engrave using different layers, have a look at this Inkscape tutorial that we created:

Are you new to Inkscape? Here are some good books and tutorials:

Using the lasercutter (Inkscape/Illustrator and VisiCut on Mac OSX, Linux or Windows)

  1. Create your file in your favorite vector graphics editor
  2. Export/Save your file as SVG (Tipps)
  3. Open your file in VisiCut (on the FabLab computer, or on your own, connected to the i10 network)
  4. Select the material you want to use. If your material is not listed yet, just pick one and select "Edit settings before executing" to manually select power, speed and frequency for every part. If your settings work well, consider creating a new material profile, to make the settings available for everyone.
  5. Select the mapping you want to use (e.g. Everything=>CutLine if you only want to cut or Everything=>Engrave Drawing/Photo if you want to engrave. You can also create custom mappings e.g. to cut every red line and engrave every text)
  6. Place and resize your job (optional). If you are on the FabLab computer, you can use the camera to directly place your job on your target material visually.
  7. Send your job to the lasercutter by pressing the execute button

If you want to cut and engrave using different layers, have a look at this Illustrator tutorial that we created:

Air System

You need to switch on the air system before laser cutting!
The air system is connected to the fire safety system of the building. If the outlet is closed, you can't use the laser cutter! Read more about it on our internal page.


It is not possible to cut metal with this lasercutter!

Ceyda: bitte alle Materialien in VisiCut eingeben!

MaterialRaster PowerRaster SpeedVector Cutting PowerVector Cutting SpeedVector Cutting Frequency(Hz)Vector Marking PowerVector Marking SpeedVector Marking Frequency(Hz)
Acrylglas 1,6mm????88955000
Acrylic-Plastik (Corona Kopfhoerer,Plastik_Huelle)????70505000
Alu Profil (eloxiert)5050NANANA
Birkensperrholz(Multiplex) 4mm (toom) lasern wir nicht mehr ????10020500
Birkenholz 2mm 1001001004550040100500
Bristolkarton 0,6mm????1810025008100
Braunpappe 1mm????5510025008100
Buche 0,8mm????701002500
Dicke Wellpappe50100701005000
Expo Giveaway Pappe1210012100500
elring AbilN(Pappeart)????501005000
Finnpappe 1mm (weiss_kaschiert)????3510025008100
Finnpappe 1mm (nicht kaschiert)????30100250011100
Finnpappe 1,5mm (weiss_kaschiert)????50100250010100
Finnpappe 2mm (weiss_kaschiert)2510060100250012100
Finnpappe 2mm (nicht kaschiert)????501002500
Finnpappe 3mm (weiss_kaschiert)????70100250010 100
Finnpappe 4mm (weiss_kaschiert)????801005000
Finnpappe 3mm (doppelseitig weiss_kaschiert)????1001005000
Finnpappe 3mm (hellbeige)5010010070Auto
Folie(Plexiglass) 0,4mm20100151005000
Folie 1mm????371005000
Folie Pentaprop 0,25mm????171002500
Folie Pentaprop 0,3mm????201002500
Folie Pentaprop 0,4mm????251002500
Folie Pentaprop 0,5mm????281002500
Folie(Bildschirm,3M ARMR 200) 0,17mm????131002500
Fotokarton 0,4mm(160gr)????25100500
Furnier Kirschbaum 0,6mm????501005000
Flexfolie (T-Shirt druck)????5305000
Flockfolie (T-Shirt druck)????5505000
Graupappe 3mm lasern wir nicht mehr3050100602500
Graupappe 2,5mm lasern wir nicht mehr????100702500
Graupappe 2mm lasern wir nicht mehr????90852500
Graupappe 1,5mm lasern wir nicht mehr????60100250011100
Graupappe 1mm lasern wir nicht mehr????4510025009100
Graupappe 0,5mm lasern wir nicht mehr201002510025003-5100
Grafikkarton 1mm????501005005100
Gummi,schwarz 2mm!????201002500
Holzklötze Friedenstisch201008025-30500
Karton(300gr,schwarz,dick)????401005002 100
Kiefer 4mm????10050500
Kokosschale 3-4mm50100100*3100*350025100
Kunstleder (Sarahs Kalender)30100??????
Klebefolie,schwarz (auf 3D-Drucker)????30100300
Kopierfolie(Soennecken) 0,1mm ????81005000
Kraftplex FO 0.8mm - - 50100500151005000
Kraftplex FO 1.5mm - - 100100500151005000
Kraftplex FO 3.0mm - - 1005050011005000
Kraftplex ST 3.0mm - - 10040500201005000
Laseracryl (0.8mm) LZ-901-00826100501005000
Laseracryl (3mm) zweifarbig (Nametags)26100501005000
Laseracryl (1.5 mm) zweifarbig (HCIC-Parkschilder)80100100100500-1000
Laseracryl (>3mm)2*50100100505000
Laser acrylic (5mm)2*50100100205000
Latex (0.35mm) - - 2 13 30
Latex (0.06mm) - - 2 25 30
Leder 2mm60100551002500
Linde(Holzart) 6mm lasern wir nicht mehr ????100325000
Linde(Holzart) 3mm????100535000
Linde(Holzart) 1mm????501005000
MDF 6,3mm lasern wir nicht mehr????100212058
MDF 5mm1006010031500151005000
MDF 4mm????100452500151005000
MDF 3mm????10060-70250015 1005000
MDF 2mm????801002500100155000
MDF 1mm????901002500101005000
Multiplex 3,5mm5010010010030500
Moosgummi PU (Polyuretan) 2mm ????5305000
Moosgummi,braun 3mm ????20*2100*225006 100
Nessel(aus Baumwolle)????2510025007 100
Papier(120gr)301005-71005002 100
Papier (300gr)30100121005003 100
Papier 0,2mm(150gr Khadi Handmade Paper)????12100500
Pappel(Sperrholz) 3mm????90100500
Pappel(Sperrholz) 4mm????10090500
Pappel(Sperrholz) 5mm????10080500
Pappel 6mm70100100305000
Plexiglas 0,5mm????1910050009 100
Plexiglas 0,75mm????5010050007 100
Plexiglas 1mm????70100500010 100
Plexiglas 1,5mm30100801005000
Plexiglas 2mm7010010040500013100
Plexiglas 3mm70100703050007030
Plexiglas 4mm35100100305000
Plexiglas 5mm1004095225000
Plexiglas 6mm lasern wir nicht mehr10040100155000
Plexiglas 10mm lasern wir nicht mehr10055100105000
Rubber ???? 10 15 100
Polycarbonat (2mm)staerke Schmelz-Rußspuren--100501500
Polyoxymethylen (POM,3mm)--100404000
PP(Kunststoff)Dvd_Huelle 0,9mm????45605000
PP Folie 0,5mm????1030500
PP Folie Priplak 0,5mm ????251002500?? ??
PS Polystyrol (Mon Cherie, Rocher, etc.) 1mm lasern wir nicht mehr????45100500
Polystyrol (PS Weiss) 1mm lasern wir nicht mehr????651005000
Schellackplatte 50100--60630 100
Silikon rot 2mm10040401330
Silikon rot 1mm????50100500
Silikon rot 1,2mm????7080500
Vivak 1mm????391005000
Vivak(Polyster) 0,8mm????201005000
Vivak 0,5mm????2310050007100
Textil Curv,Textil Membran5100101005000
PVC (e.g. FOREX,...), Vinyl, Neoprene, Polystyrol (e.g. OWOCOR, ...)Do not cut with the lasercutter! These create toxic hydrogen chloride / vinyl chloride fumes, and void the lasercutter's warranty. (Neoprene Material Safety Data Sheet).

Hydrogen chloride and vinyl chloride are hazardous to the life of your laser system (and to your life!).

Unsure if your material contains PVC? Do the copper wire test!

Creating Surface Mount Soldering Stencils on the Laser Cutter

This external page explains how to create SM stencils with the lasercutter

Corel Draw

In the past, we used CorelDraw (Windows), but now we switched to VisiCut and Inkscape (or Illustrator). Please bring VisiCut PLF files to the FabLab. This saves time and you don't spend your time in the lab fixing format conversion problems.
For historical reasons, you can learn how we used CorelDraw in the past.
There is also a tutorial that explains how to create stamps with CorelDraw.

Large Lasercutter Epilog Laser Fusion 40 M2

At the moment there is also a large lasercutter with a work area of 100x70cm. The laser is a CO2 system with 60 Watts. The access to the larger lasercutter by epilog is currently restricted.

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