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New Lasercutter: Epilog Fusion M2 40

In 2020, we upgraded our lasercutter from our old Epilog Zing 6030 to a new Epilog Fusion M2 40. It also uses a CO2 laser, so the materials that can be cut are the same, but it has a larger cutting bed size of 40 x 28 inches (slightly over 100 x 70 cm), and it's a 60 Watt laser, making it quite a bit faster than our old model.

We use Affinity Designer and Epilog's Mac driver to run lasercutter jobs natively from our Macs, instead of using Inkscape and VisiCut, which is not currently fully compatible with the new lasercutter. You can continue to bring SVG files created with your software of choice. We recommend creating them in Affinity Designer for best compatibility.

 Quick start tutorial for the new Epilog Fusion laser cutter

Old Lasercutter: Epilog Zing 6030

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