MCP 07

This "Praktikum" is offered again during Summer semester 2007. David Holman is the coordinating research assistant from our chair.
This year's project will be completed with the Department of Architecture in collaboration with Peter Russell .

This will be an interdisciplinary effort that will explore the theme of an 'Organic' Building. What if a building could understand who you are, what rooms you frequent, and how it can intelligently adjust itself to suit your needs? What type of interactions can we explore in a building that can understand user context and be reconfigured to suit the individual needs of each occupant? These, and other questions, will form the basis of the project.

Final Projects

  • searchitecture - Katharina Schminke, Sebastian Franken, Simon, Völker, Marc Schnabel, Johannes Christian Remy
  • Ariande - Tereza Merickova, Jan Kalfus, Sascha Beckers, Markus Jonas, Bodo von der Heiden, Florian Heller
  • Ambient Building Colors
  • Panda - Charlotte Ellerbrok, Katrin Twickler, Dieter Drobny, Christopher Gretzki, and Gert Menke
  • Boxed

First lab is 11.04 @ 1400-1700 in room 2010 in Ahornstr. 55 - david

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