Media Computing Project, SS 2008


Times: Wed 14:00 - 17:00
DateTalk TopicAssignment
IntroductionBrainstorm ideas
09.04.2008no lab (CHI 2008)
16.04.2008Field Information Gathering TechniquesWeb Log & Field Study
23.04.2008Paper ProtoypingStoryboards, Paper Prototype
30.04.2008Evaluation MethodsEvaluation of Paper Prototype
07.05.2008Adobe Flash, Max/MSPWork on interactive Prototype
14.05.2008 no lab (Exkursionswoche)
21.05.2008ArduinoWork on interactive Prototype
28.05.2998no lab (Hochschulsportfest)
04.06.2008no labEvaluation of interactive Prototype
11.06.2007 no lab (Studieninformationstag)
18.06.2008free workWork on final prototype
25.06.2008Ruby on Rails (Example code)Work on final prototype
02.07.2008free workWork on final prototype
09.07.2008free workEvaluation of final prototype
16.07.2008Final presentations
Schedule is subject to change

Research Theme

Design an innovative mobile communication device

Possible Features:
  • direct communication through audio
  • indirect communication through text messaging
  • contact management
  • other communication methods: direct text, indirect audio, video...
  • personal information management: calendar, notes, to-do lists...
  • multimedia functions: camera, video recording, music player...
  • ...


  • innovation over custom
  • ignore technical feasibility
  • let go of established metaphors
  • involve contextual information in your design
  • make use of innovative input techniques


  • prototypes (30%)
  • evaluation reports (30%)
  • web log (20%)
  • 6 page summary (10%)
  • final presentation (10%)

Interesting Links

Recommended Reading

  • Floyd Fowler: Improving Survey Questions
  • Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt: Contextual Design
FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloadsLast modified
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Download this file (3 Evaluation Methods.pdf)3 Evaluation Methods.pdf 1400 kB6602008-04-30 16:39
Download this file (2 Paper Prototyping.pdf)2 Paper Prototyping.pdf 892 kB7152008-04-23 17:41
Download this file (1 Field Gathering Techniques.pdf)1 Field Gathering Techniques.pdf 910 kB5822008-04-16 16:41
Download this file (0 Intro.pdf)0 Intro.pdf 20 kB5782008-04-15 19:35

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