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VisiCut   -   a userfriendly tool for laser-cutting
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VisiCut is part of a Bachelor's Thesis by Thomas Oster, supervised by René Bohne

Download thesis

You can download the PDF version of the thesis here.


VisiCut is our free, open-source lasercutter software!

  • Includes LibLaserCut, a platform independant library for Lasercutters (currently supporting the Epilog ZING, MINI and HELIX and Lasercutters with the LAOS board, but other drivers will follow in the near future)
  • Currently supports SVG, EPS, DXF and the VisiCut PLF (Portable Laser Format)
  • Get a preview how your graphic would look on the material
  • Easy place your graphic on the target material using a camera preview
  • Save your work and publish it in the VisiCut PLF-Format
  • Prepare your laserjobs at home – no more surprises when importing your file in the FabLab

What if the Software does not work properly

The Application crashed, did not do what it should or did not start at all? Please report this on after checking if it isn’t already reported, so we can fix it and improve the Software.

Which cameras are supported?

You can use basically every camera which is capable of providing a JPEG image. The Program can read images from URLs meaning either HTTP or local files. Most IP-Cams provide only Video-Captures with low resolution, but we created a little Android tool ( which converts your phone into a Foto IP Cam.
A binary version of this app can be downloaded here.

An advanced setup includes a Canon Camera which is connected via USB to a webserver application which takes a picture on every request. Contributions and testers are welcome.
How do I use the Software

We intended to make VisiCut as intuitive and self explanatory as possible, but it would be very nice, to have more documentation and tutorials. We would appreciate any help on creating a good documentation so please feel free to write some, publish it or contact us.

Feedback, Contact and Feature Requests

Please feel free to send an E-Mail to mail at thomas-oster dot de containing VisiCut in the subject.

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