Research software

  • ARPen: Simple sketching and 3D construction in mid-air using an iPhone and cardboard pen (iOS) (2019)
  • FLApp: Interactive city tour through Aachen with a focus on science and innovation (for iOS and Android) (2017)
  • DRAGON - application demonstrates our Direct Manipulation Interface for Frame-Accurate In-Scene Video Navigation (2008)
  • Semantic Time:
    • Beat Tapper / DiMaß - quickly search, skim, scrub and slide through audio with continuous audio feedback using a constant pitch time-stretching algorithm. (2007)
    • Personal Orchestra Lite - load in your favourite orchestral music and conduct it using the mouse. (2007)
  • iStuff - the software framework of our physical user interface toolkit for ubiquitous computing environments (2001-2003)


Helpful tools developed by our group

  • USGermanKeyboard: Easier German umlauts on a US keyboard for macOS. Also installed on all our shared Macs.
  • Copy File Path to Clipboard: A quick shortcut that copies the selected file's path to clipboard. It works with files on our local file server, oliver. To use, right click a file and select "Copy File Path to Clipboard" under "Quick Actions".
  • iEat: View the Mensa menu for all Mensas, cafeterias, and bistros at RWTH Aachen University on your Mac in your menu bar, on your iPhone, and on your Apple Watch. Now available on the App Store and Mac App Store.
  • Display Menu: A more flexible replacement for the macOS menu bar item to switch display resolutions, refresh rates, mirroring, etc. Developed by alumni Thorsten Karrer and Leonhard Lichtschlag.
  • TimeStamper: A quick hack to capture time stamps into a text file while doing other tasks on macOS (useful for marking important moments while recording a screencast, for example). (Jan, Sep 2019)
  • UIST 2012 Conference App for iOS: Browse, search, take notes, and tweet with this great tool for UIST 2012 conference attendees. By Jonathan Diehl and Marcel Lahaye.
  • UIST 2011 Conference App: Browse the program of the ACM UIST 2011 Conference, mark favorite papers, add notes to papers, mail them to you
  • functionkeys: UI scripts to toggle between hardware and software function key mappings on Mac OS X with a single click
  • ThoMoNetworking Framework: A very simple to use Cocoa wrapper for Apple's sockets and zero-conf networking
  • CHI Pages Template: Create archival CHI Papers & Notes submissions using Apple's Pages word processing application
  • ExamSummary: Visualize the quality of your exam questions (for instructors)
  • SSH-URL Finder Service: Easily get the SSH link to a file on a mounted share (good for git repositories)
  • VisiCut: A user-friendly tool for laser cutting 

Useful Dev Tools

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