Seminar on Post-Desktop User Interfaces – SS13

Course information:

  • Grades: The grades will be available around the beginning of September via VZPA.
  • Course dates: 11.4,. 18.4., 25.4., 16.5., 6.6., 13.6., 20.6., 27.6., 4.7., 11.7., 18.7.
  • Course time & location: 3.45 - 5.15., room 2222 (i10 Seminar room)
  • Date for the kick-off meeting: Wednesday, February 13th, 10–11.30am, room 2222, RWTH Informatikzentrum.
  • Slides from the kick-off meeting: Kick-Off Meeting Slides


Required reading (before kick-off meeting):

Writing for Computer Science by Justin Zobel (available at RWTH library & Informatik library)

  • Chapter 10: Doing Research
  • Chapter 9: Writing Up

"How to Read an Engineering Research Paper"


Online Learning Room

to be announced.



This seminar deals with topics in HCI that go beyond the desktop. In groups of two, you will work on one of the topics listed below. The topics will be assigned in the kick-off meeting. We provide two starting papers for each topic.

Interactive Digital Fabrication René Bohne
Digital Clay: Toward Malleable User Interfaces Christian Corsten
Interactive TV User Interfaces Christian Corsten
Post-WIMP User Interfaces Nur Al-huda Hamdan
Audio-Augmented Reality Florian Heller
Location-Based Mobile Games Gero Herkenrath
Supporting Opportunistic Programming Jan-Peter Krämer
Authoring with Sketching Leonhard Lichtschlag
Interaction Techniques for Manipulating 3D Objects on Touch Screens Simon Völker
Mid-Air Direct Manipulation and Gestural Input Chat Wacharamanotham
Visualizing Software Evolution Moritz Wittenhagen




1. Interactive Digital Fabrication (René):

  1. Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Patrick Baudisch. Interactive Construction: Interactive Fabrication of Functional Mechanical Devices. In Proc. of UIST '12, pp. 599-606. Link
  2. Follmer, S., Carr, D., Lovell, E., and Ishii, H. Copycad: Remixing Physical Objects with Copy and Paste from the Real World. In Proc. of UIST '10. Link


2. Digital Clay: Toward Malleable User Interfaces (Christian)

  1. Hiroshi Ishii, Dávid Lakatos, Leonardo Bonanni, and Jean-Baptiste Labrune. Radical Atoms: Beyond Tangible Bits, Toward Transformable Materials. interactions 19, 1 (January 2012), pp. 38-51. Link
  2. Goldstein, S.C.; Campbell, J.D.; Mowry, T.C.: Programmable Matter, IEEE Computer Society Press, Vol.38, No.6, pp. 99-101, May 2005. Link


3. Interactive Television User Interfaces (Christian)

  1. Jan Bobeth, Susanne Schmehl, Ernst Kruijff, Stephanie Deutsch, and Manfred Tscheligi. Evaluating Performance and Acceptance of Older Adults Using Freehand Gestures for TV Menu Control. In Proc. of EuroiTV '12, pp. 35-44. Link
  2. Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, Penelope Allen, Matt Hammond, and Michael Evans. Researching the User Experience for Connected TV: A Case Study. In Proc. of CHI EA '12, pp. 589-604. Link


4. Post-WIMP User Interfaces (Nur)

  1. Andries van Dam. Post-WIMP User Interfaces. Communications of the ACM 40, 2 (February 1997), pp. 63-67. Link
  2. Jacob, R.J.K. and Girouard, A. and Hirshfield, L.M. and Horn, M.S. and Shaer, O. and Solovey, E.T. and Zigelbaum, J. Reality-Based Interaction: A Framework for Post-WIMP Interfaces. In Proc. of CHI '08, pp. 201-210. Link


5. Audio-Augmented Reality (Florian)

  1. Vazquez-Alvarez, Y., Oakley, I., and Brewster, S. Auditory Display Design for Exploration in Mobile Audio-Augmented Reality. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 16, 8 (2012), pp. 987–999. Link
  2. Schwarz, D., Warusfel, O., Bevilacqua, F., Zamborlin, B., Jodlowski, P., and Schnell, N. Grainstick: A Collaborative, Interactive Sound Installation. In Proc. of ICMC '10, pp. 1–4.


6. Location-Based Mobile Games (Gero)

  1. Tara Carrigy et. al. Design and Evaluation of Player Experience of a Location-Based Mobile Game. In Proc. of NordiCHI '10, pp. 92-101. Link
  2. Iris Herbst, et. al. TimeWarp: Interactive Time Travel with a Mobile Mixed Reality Game. In Proc. of MobileHCI '08, pp. 235-244. Link


7. Supporting Opportunistic Programming (Jan-Peter)

  1. J. Brandt, P. J. Guo, J. Lewenstein, M. Dontcheva, and S. R. Klemmer. Two Studies of Opportunistic Programming: Interleaving Web Foraging, Learning, and Writing Code. In Proc. of CHI '09, pp. 1589-1598. Link
  2. J. Edwards. Example Centric Programming, SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 39, No. 12, pp. 84-91, Dec. 2004. Link


8. Authoring with Sketching (Leonhard)

  1. Brian P. Bailey and Joseph A. Konstan. Are Informal Tools Better?: Comparing DEMAIS, Pencil and Paper, and Authorware for Early Multimedia Design. In Proc. of CHI '03, pp. 313-320. Link
  2. James Lin, Mark W. Newman, Jason I. Hong, and James A. Landay. DENIM: Finding a Tighter Fit Between Tools and Practice for Web Site Design. In Proc. of CHI '00, pp. 510-517. Link


9. Understanding User Gestures for Manipulating 3D Objects from Touchscreen Inputs (Simon)

  1. Aurélie Cohé and Martin Hachet. Understanding User Gestures for Manipulating 3D Objects from Touchscreen Inputs. In Proc. of GI '12, pp. 157-164. Link
  2. A. Cohé, F. Dècle, and M. Hachet. tbox: A 3D Transformation Widget Designed for Touch-Screens. In Proc. of CHI '11, pp. 3005–3008. Link


10. Mid-Air Direct Manipulation and Gestural Input (Chat)

Guiding question: How to design and evaluate mid-air interactions qualitatively and quantitatively?

  1. Direct Manipulation: Prachyabrued, M. and Borst, C.W., Virtual grasp release method and evaluation, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 70, Issue 11, November 2012, pp. 828-848 (We don't have online access to this paper. Please email Chat for a copy of the paper.)
    • Alternatively, you may skim for an overview: Prachyabrued, M. and Borst, C.W., Visual interpenetration tradeoffs in whole-hand virtual grasping, 2012 IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) pp.39–42. Link
  2. Gestural Input: Sodhi, R., Benko, H., and Wilson, A. D. LightGuide: Projected Visualizations for Hand Movement Guidance. In Proc. of CHI '12, pp. 179–188. Link


11. Visualizing Software Evolution (Moritz)

  1. M. Ogawa, and Kwan-Liu Ma. code_swarm: A Design Study in Organic Software Visualization. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 1097-1104. Link
  2. F. Steinbrückner, and Claus Lewerentz. Representing Development History in Software Cities. In Proc. of SOFTVIS '10, pp. 193-202. Link



Literature Review
Report Outline
Report Draft
Camera-ready Slides
Final Report*
1 Interactive Digital Fabrication Bormann, Markovic R. Bohne 28.02. 07.03. 28.03. 04.04. 11.04. 25.04.
2 Interactive TV User Interfaces Abdelhalim, Tsoleridis C. Corsten 07.03. 14.03. 04.04. 11.04. 18.04. 02.05.
3 Supporting Opportunistic Programming Lewandowski, Schnitzler J.-P. Krämer 14.03. 21.03. 11.04. 18.04. 25.04. 09.05.
4 Digital Clay: Toward Malleable User Interfaces Speicher, Wacker C. Corsten 04.04. 11.04. 02.05. 09.05. 16.05. 30.05.
5 Authoring with Sketching Karaca, Ledovskiy L. Lichtschlag 25.04. 02.05. 23.05. 30.05. 06.06. 20.06.
6 Audio-Augmented Reality Krämer, Lahaye F. Heller 02.05. 09.05. 30.05. 06.06. 13.06. 27.06.
7 Location-Based Mobile Games Dohmen, Langer G. Herkenrath 09.05. 16.05. 06.06. 13.06. 20.06. 04.07.
8 Post-WIMP User Interfaces Krause, Lang N. Al-huda Hamdan 16.05. 23.05. 13.06. 20.06. 27.06. 11.07.
9 Manipulating 3D Objects on Touch Screens Bushra, Simha S. Völker 23.05. 30.05. 20.06. 27.06. 04.07. 18.07.
10 Mid-Air Direct Manipulation and Gestural Input Golland, Hossain C. Wacharamanotham 30.05. 06.06. 27.06. 04.07. 11.07. 25.07.

* There is no meeting for the final report.

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