Face of Dipl.-Inform. Carl Friedrich Huch

Dipl.-Inform. Carl Friedrich Huch

Student Assistant

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Former Supervisor: Florian Heller & Gero Herkenrath


My research is focused on Location-based Mobile Applications.
Nowadays, mobile devices with increased power and a broadening range of features such as built-in GPS receivers, are a ubiquitous part of many peoples’ daily lives. This enables many different location-based services in domains like tourism, navigation, or gaming. In those, a particular focus is often laid on the location information as content or input, rather then their impact on interactions.

Competences/ Skills:

  • Obj-C/Cocoa Development
  • iOS Programming / jailbreaking
  • Java and Python




  • Gero Herkenrath, Carl Huch, Florian Heller and Jan Borchers. Geo-Sociograms: A Method to Analyze Movement Patterns and Characterize Tasks in Location-Based Multiplayer Games.  In CHI '14: Extended Abstracts of the 2014 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems,April 2014.
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  • 2013

  • Carl Friedrich Huch. Strategies and Movement Patterns for City-Wide Location-Based Games. Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, June 2013.
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