Touchscreen Input for Users with Hand Tremor

What is Swabbing?

Swabbing is an input that allows users with hand tremor to select a target on touchscreen more accurate despite the jittering hand movement. The users slide their finger towards a target on an edge of the screen. Then, a linear regression is calculated from input points to determine a target. The support from the screen surface, the absence of breaking, and the smoothing effect of linear regression make the selection more accurate.
Basic swabbing input (Note at CHI ’11)
Swabbing input overlay on a touchscreen web browser (Workshop paper at CHI ’13)

The Team

Swabbing is a research project by Chat Wacharamanotham, Alexander Mertens, Martin Kronenbuerger, Christopher Schlick, and Jan Borchers. This project is a collaboration between the Media Computing Group, the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics, and the University Hospital Aachen. The team also comprises several thesis students and HiWis:
Alumni: Jan Hurtmanns, Alexandru Popa, Neils Huck, and Zhao He



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