Current Topics in Media Computing and Human–Computer Interaction SS 2017

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This class covers basic research methods and current research trends in Human–Computer Interaction. We use a mix of recent book chapters and papers from conferences and journals of the last few years to give you an idea of how HCI research is conducted, and of the hot topics that are being worked on in the international research community. Examples from past years include interactive surfaces, tangible user interfaces, human computation, gestural input, interactive textiles, augmented reality, and personal fabrication.

The class explains the differences between empirical, ethnographic and systems research in HCI, and how to quickly retrieve and evaluate information from existing literature, a skill you will need for your Master's thesis and future research work in HCI.

Part of this class is taught in a flipped classroom style in which you will be able to watch online videos of individual topics at your own pace, using the face-to-face time during the studio (formerly lecture) time slot for group project work, one-on-one feedback, additional hands-on exercises, discussions, and Q&A. We expect you to attend all studios and labs.

In SS17, this course runs for 14 weeks, from April 25 to July 26. It includes 11 studios/lectures (4 studios on research methods, and 7 lectures on current topics), 12 labs, 3 two-week assignments, and a final project.


  • 30.05.17 RSS feeds for iTunes U (link above) is working now. You can use it to access video content in the future. Tip: use an RSS feed reader to ease your task.
  • 23.05.17 Midterm Exam 30.05.17 at 10:15 (1 hour). Room 2222 and Media Space.
  • 23.05.17 All learning material is now on L2P. Videos have a link Hyperlinks in L2P. We are having some problems with iTunes U. I will update you when you can view the videos on iTunes U.
  • 22.05.17 L2P is now open. The material will start to appear on 24.05.17
  • 16.05.17 New videos uploaded.
  • 16.05.17 Learning Material will move to L2P soon. In the meantime you still have access to the drive files.---
  • 05.05.17 There will be no lab on Wednesday 17.05.17
  • 28.04.17 There will be no studio (lecture) on Tuesday 02.05.17
  • 28.04.17 Video clips of lectures will appear in Learning Material. Please watch before the next studio (9.05.)
  • 26.04.17 For your group formation, email me your names and cc your team mates.
  • 26.04.17 View the in-progress list of reading assignmnets here (available in Learning Material)
  • 24.04.17 Print and sign the declaration of compliance and bring it to the lab on 26.04.
  • 19.04.17 Course registration is now opened in Campus system.
  • 28.03.17 First lecture will be on Tue 25.04.2017, 10:15h – 11:45h in Room 2222, Ahornstr. 55

Course Allocation

ECTS Credits: 6
Language: English
Students: Capacity 40 students (will be announced after the second lecture). Priorirty to Master students of Computer Science, Media Informatics, Software Systems Engineering, and Technical Communication
Register on CAMPUS.

Course Dates and Locations

Studio Tue 10:15h – 11:45h Room 2222, Ahornstr. 55 First lecture on 25.04.17
Lab Wed 14:15h – 15:45h Room 2222, Ahornstr. 55 First lab on 26.04.17
Midterm Tue 30.05.2017 10:15h – 11:15h Room 2222, Ahornstr. 55
Final (1st Chance) Wed 09.08.2017 11:00h – 12:00h Room 2356 (AH V), Ahornstr. 55
Final and Midterm (2nd Chance) Fri 25.08.2017 14:00h – 15:00h Room 2354 (AH IV), Ahornstr. 55

Course Load

Assignments A01–03
15 %
30 %
Mini HCI research project
10 %
45 %


For any questions about the class, contact Nur Hamdan.


Previous Offerings

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