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Course Description

Just as communications and computation went from analog to digital, resulting in PCs and the Internet, the digitization of fabrication is leading to personal fabricators that will allow anyone to make almost anything, anywhere. The development of digital fabrication is based on creating codes that don’t just describe things, they are things, much as proteins are coded in molecular biology. This research roadmap is ultimately aiming at a Star Trek-style replicator, but prototype versions of these capabilities are already available in field fab labs.

At Fab Academy, you will learn how to envision, prototype and document your ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. We take a variety of code formats and turn them into physical objects.

The Fab Academy Diploma consists of a 5 month part-time student commitment. The Fab Diploma is the result of the sum of Fab Academy Certificates. Progress towards the diploma is evaluated by a student’s acquired skills rather than time or credits.

The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students plan and execute a new project each week. Each individual documents their progress for each project, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. [Source: Fab Academy]

Current Aachen Fab Academy Participants:

Previous Fab Lab Aachen Fab Academy Graduates

Anke Brocker, Svetlana Shishkovets, Matthias Sokolowski, Paulina Reijsmeijer, Jiyoung An, Christian Schmidt, Marcel Lahaye

Local Instructor

  • Marcel Lahaye — please contact Marcel with any questions about the class.

Local Support Team

i10 Personal Fabrication Guides & Related Reference Materials

Class Times and Locations

Lecture & Assignment ReviewWed
Room 2212, Lehrstuhl Informatik 10 (Medieninformatik und Mensch-Computer-Interaktion), Ahornstr. 55Start: Jan 13, 2019
Recitations (Invited guest lectures) Mon
Room 2212, Lehrstuhl Informatik 10 (Medieninformatik und Mensch-Computer-Interaktion), Ahornstr. 55 Start: Jan 28, 2019


Lecture 01principles and practices
Lecture 02 project management
Lecture 03 computer-aided design
Lecture 04 computer-controlled cutting
Lecture 05 electronics production
Lecture 06 computer-controlled machining
Lecture 07 electronics design
Lecture 08 molding and casting
Lecture 09 composites
Lecture 10 embedded programming
Lecture 11 3D scanning and printing
Lecture 12 input_devices
Lecture 13 interface and application programming
Lecture 14 mechanical design
Lecture 15 output devices
Lecture 16 networking and communications
Lecture 17 machine design
Lecture 18 applications and implications
Lecture 19 project development
Lecture 20 invention, intellectual property, and income


Assignments are given out weekly to apply the topics covered in the lecture that week. For specific requirements, see Fab Academy Assignments and Assessment.

Graduation Requirements

In order to complete the program and receive the Fab Academy Diploma, students need to:

  • have completed and documented all assignments, based on the standards of the Assessment Document;
  • have presented their Final Project, in person, to the Faculty and to their peers in the Final Presentations rounds in June (or January, for continuing students); and
  • have been evaluated and passed the assessment of both Local Instructor and Global Evaluator.

Find more details on the Fab Academy website.

Further Information

Previous Offerings

Fab Academy 2018 • 2017 • 2016

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