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FabScan PI - a stand-alone web-enabled 3D scanner
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Bachelor's thesis by Mario Lukas, supervised by René Bohne.

The new FabScan Pi works as a standalone device controlled with a web browser. We highly recommend to use this advanced version instead of the original FabScan. Housing, Laser, Arduino and FabScan Shield can be reused, but the additional Raspberry Pi allows a use as a standalone device and the better Raspberry Pi camera aloows a higher resolution. The user interface and scan processing is also far more advanced.

Software for the FabScan Pi is released here.
An instructable how to build a FabScan Pi can be found here.

Download Thesis

You can download the PDF version of the thesis and slides here.

Preview video of the new software (beta):

FabScan Pi is the next generation of our famous FabScan 3D scanner.

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