The FabScan Project

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  1. The original FabScan was developed by Francis Engelmann in his Bachelor's thesis (cost of materials: 150 Euros).
  2. FabScan 100 further reduced material cost so that you could build one for just 100 Euros.
  3. FabScan Cube then featured an improved housing, as a result of a student group working on interactive assembly.
  4. FabScan Pi is the latest version. It includes a Raspberry Pi embedded computer for standalone operation and wireless scanning: Instead of controlling it from your laptop via USB, you can scan wirelessly from any web browser. The RasPi camera offers higher-resolution scanning, and the web-based user interface and scan processing are much more advanced. It is the result of Mario Lukas' Bachelor's thesis. He did a great job, and we highly recommend to build this version. You can reuse your existing housing, laser, Arduino, and FabScan shield from earlier models.

How can I build one?

  • Software for the FabScan Pi is available on, including a forum for the FabScan Pi community.
  • The instructable to build a FabScan Pi includes all necessary files, including a smaller housing. Of course, the Pi also works with the original FabScan or FabScan Cube housing. We are still working on making the housing easier to assemble and use less material, but basically any box with a certain size will work. Watterott is working on the FabScanPi hat, which further simplifies assembly.
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