Making use of Perspective Projections on Tabletops in a Collaborative Gaming Setting


Week 2: Concepts: mcp10_concepts Week 3: Projection Prototype: mcp10_pro Week 4: Pipes Game Concept: mcp10_pipes Week 5: Head Tracking Prototype: mcp10_track Week 6: Interactions: mcp10_gestures Week 7: Pipe Placement Logic: mcp10_placing Week 8: Interaction User Study: mcp10_study Week 9: Multi-Touch Implementation: mcp10_mt Week 10: Money System: mcp10_money

Final Phase: Game Logic: mcp10_fGame Final Phase: New Hardware: mcp10_fHardware Final Phase: Multi-Touch Table: mcp10_fMT


Times: Wed 15:00 - 17:00, room 2010
DateTalk TopicAssignment
07.04.20090 Intro.keynone
Schedule is subject to change

Research Theme

Perspective Projection on Tabletops applied to Game Design


  • prototypes (30%)
  • evaluation reports (30%)
  • web log (20%)
  • 3 page summary per person (10%)
  • final presentation (10%)

Interesting Links

Recommended Reading

  • Floyd Fowler: Improving Survey Questions
  • Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt: Contextual Design
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