Fillables is a research project by Christian Corsten, Chat Wacharamanotham, and Jan Borchers.



We introduce Fillables: low-cost and ubiquitous everyday vessels that are appropriated as tangible controllers whose haptics are tuned ad-hoc by filling, e.g., with water. We show how Fillables can assist users in video navigation and drawing tasks with physical controllers whose adjustable output granularity harmonizes with their haptic feedback. As proof of concept, we implemented a drawing application that uses vessels to control a virtual brush whose stroke width corresponds to the filling level. Furthermore, we found that humans can distinguish nine levels of haptic feedback when sliding water-filled paper cups (300 ml capacity) over a wooden surface. This discrimination follows Weber’s Law and was facilitated by sloshing of water.

Watch the Fillables teaser video:


We will present Fillables: Everyday Vessels as Tangible Controllers with Adjustable Haptics at CHI '13 during alt.chi session.



  • Christian Corsten, Chat Wacharamanotham and Jan Borchers. Fillables: Everyday Vessels as Tangible Controllers with Adjustable Haptics.  In CHI '13: Extended Abstracts of the 31st Annual Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 2129–2138,April 2013.
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