Fun Stuff

  • Mac Bluescreen of Death vs. Windows Kernel Panic

  • Seen at the Fahrsicherheitszentrum.

  • "I just wanted to say that my learning group is having a study break, so we can continue working now." -- Malte to Thorsten, while simultaneously studying for computer graphics and working on a CHI submission (Sep 11, 2007)

  • While trying to get the latest version of Xcode...

  • It's a shame they didn't come with my new wireless router

  • I must have a really big harddisk... (:confused:)

  • While trying to register a friend on the rwth user management site... (Laszlo) (:eek:)

  • So what am I reading here? (:biggrin:) (taken from a Website on Gamma et al.'s "Design Patterns"-book)

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