Fun Stuff Archive 2004

  • (:wink:) 04.05.2004: Thinking of taking your nerd outside in the sunshine? Think again!
  • (:eek:) 05.05.2004: Eric almost gets deported back into Germany whilst travelling to Holland.
  • (:idea:) 09.05.2004: "The obvious mathematical breakthrough would be development of an easy way to factor large prime numbers." Bill Gates, The Road Ahead, p. 265.
  • (:biggrin:) 09.05.2004: Bumper stickers
  • (:rolleyes:) 16.05.2004: Introducing the P-P-P-Powerbook
  • (:idea:) 21.05.2004 It's snowing - in May!(:cry:)
  • (:confused:) 26.05.2004 Whitespace the official programming language at i10.
  • (:rolleyes:) 27.5.2004 Stefan's phone crashed:
  • (:cool:) 14.7.2004 Talk about precision: Nanobits!
  • (:cry:) 02.08.2004 Eric's kitchen catches fire.
  • (:biggrin:) 02.10.2004: Mice are boring - check out this cool computer room accessory.
  • (:razz:) 04.10.2004: What does this sign mean? (seen in a park in Stockholm)
  • (:mrgreen:) 07.10.2004: "If you are tired of stupid questions, just drop your kid here."
  • (:wink:)12.10.2004: Hmmm...self-contained UI-tooltips for traffic signs?
  • (:confused:) 12.10.2004: Okay, i'll do my best...
  • (:biggrin:) 19.10.2004: Seen in a store in San Francisco:
  • (:biggrin:) 19.11.2004: Why does it say 'paper jam' when there IS no paper jam?
  • (:eek:) 14.12.2004: Beware of the Flash iPod ("Oh my!")

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