The Media Computing Group: Fun Stuff

  • (:cool:) 04.01.2005: See Jan get iPOed:
  • This one as well (:mrgreen:):
  • The gentle way of getting bad news across: green check marks!
  • Media Cooking Group
  • Another strange sign (seen on a revolving door in the Ludwig Forum, Aachen)
  • I REALLY wonder why this cash register isn't working!? (:smile:) (seen at Pontgarten, Aachen; Schlüssel einstecken = insert key)
  • Translating English into German...
  • Our future is worth THIS?! (:eek:) (seen:
  • A nice application for a stamp (seen on the bathroom wall of Jakobshof, Aachen)
  • Error: Car not found.
  • Now this looks like a really trustworthy ad...(:rolleyes:)

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