Fun Stuff Archive 2003

  • (:frown:) 04.10.2003: Eric gets fined 40€ for accidently hopping on an ASEAG bus 100m outside of Aachen.
  • (:biggrin:) 23.10.2003: Eric has a GOOD train experience!
  • (:mrgreen:) "Beer to go — I LOVE this country!" -Tico Ballagas, 23.10.2003
  • (:razz:) 28.10.2003: Both Jan AND Eric finish their lunches before Tico!
  • (:wink:) 05.11.2003: Tico goes kontakthüpfen (contact-hopping?)
  • (:mad:) 26.11.2003: Tico: "Where are the f***ing giblets?"
  • (:sad:) 26.11.2003: Jan+Eric: "I don't see no giblets..."
  • (:lol:) 15.12.2003: flash example

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