Face of Andreas Dymek

Andreas Dymek

Student Assistant

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Hello everybody.

I am a student assistant at i10, supervised by Marcel Lahaye.
In my previous years at the chair, I worked on EPP supervised by Ricarda Rahm and wrote my bachelor's thesis supervised by Dr. Philipp Wacker. You can find more on my thesis below!

ARPen "in the Wild" - Expansion and Evaluation of an In-Situ 3D Modeling Application


The use of Augmented Reality (AR) has recently seen an increase in various areas of research. Still, ‘handheld AR with a mid-air pen’ is very much a niche research field. The ARPen System belongs to this field. It allows users to perform free-hand three-dimensional (3D) modeling directly in the real world by using a mobile pen. This Bachelor’s thesis investigates how usable, functional, and effective the ARPen system is for 3D modeling. For that purpose, we conducted a user study. After providing each study participant a week-long experimenting phase with the application, we conducted semi-structured interviews. We analyzed the content by adapting grounded theory to identify the major themes of the interviews.Results showcase the system’s strengths, such as the freedom it offers to create objects by sketching lines, the creation of primitives, the undo/redo feature, and the concept of the system. Moreover, they describe the system’s shortcomings, such as perception problems of the 3D scene through the smartphone, precision problems of pen input, and system ergonomics. As some of these obstacles tie to the broader category of ‘handheld AR with a mid- air pen’, we provide design considerations for developing such a system.


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