DiskPlay: In-Track Navigation for Digital Audio on Turntables

DiskPlay is a system to enhance in-track navigation with digital vinyl systems (DVS). Traditional records provide a lot of information through their physical structure, such as track start and end, or the mood of the song. Due to their generic nature, the structure of timecode records does not map to the song loaded in the software. Thus, the DJ has to switch focus between the visualization on the computer and the turntable he manipulates.

DiskPlay augments existing timecode records with visual cues known from traditional vinyl or common DJ practice. This recombines control and visualization on the same device, reduces the number of required focus changes, and allows the DJ to fully concentrate on the familiar hardware while mixing.


CHI 2012 NIME 2014

DiskPlay Download

Download DiskPlay here.

The people behind DiskPlay

DiskPlay is a research project supervised by Florian Heller.
Justus Lauten and Sebastian Burger worked on this project for their (B.Sc./ Diploma) thesis.

DiskPlay in the press

Sweet Headache Blog Entry



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