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Sebastian Burger

Diploma Thesis Student

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Supervisor: Florian Heller
Diploma Thesis: DiskPlay: Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Turntable for Musical Performance


With the introduction of digital vinyl systems it was possible to manipulate the playback of digital audio files using a traditional turntable. Generic timecode vinyls provide precise controls and offer an alternative to DJs that like to perform with records. Because digital vinyl systems use one generic timecode record, information that was provided by the traditional vinyl was lost. SinceDJs have to look at the computer screen to get information, digital vinyl systems led to the separation of control and information. To provide information on the record again, DiskPlay was proposed. Features of traditional records should be visualized on the record using the information that digital media provides. Additionally, DiskPlay should add features only provided by software.

We implemented a prototype incorporating a projector that displays the DiskPlay visualization on a record. It features a general song overview, a waveform display and cuepoint markers. The complete software package consists of three components: An infoBroadcast Quartz Composition sends out information from the host DJ software. The Cue-Point-Feed application recognizes the cuepoints set in the host software. Finally the DiskPlay application visualizes the information received by the other components.

An online survey was set up to gather general information on DJing and digital vinyl systems. The survey showed that DiskPlay is an acceptable system for DJs and that focus switches between screen and turntable are considered a problem. Additionally, four professional DJs were invited to take part in a lab study, to analyze their behavior with turntables and DiskPlay. This resulted in an overview of interaction techniques with turntables and the conclusion that beatmatching is easier using additional visual aids.



  • Sebastian Burger. DiskPlay: Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Turntable for Musical Performance. Diplomarbeit, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, April 2013.
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