Designing Interactive Systems II SS 2004


Course Schedule, Assignments and Policies:


Field of study:

  • Informatik (D)/Hauptstudium/Praktische Informatik
  • Media Informatics (M.Sc.)/Multimediabenutzung/in Aachen
  • Software Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)/Practical Computer Science

Number SWS: V4+Ü2 (Aachen), V2+Ü1 (Bonn)
ECTS Credits: 8
The lecture will be held in English.

Course Aim:

After this class, students will know how the technology behind interactive systems works. They can analyze, design, and implement graphical and other user interfaces for existing and emerging technologies, both for the desktop and beyond, and including interfaces for multimedia contents. Group-based, project-centered assignments and lab activities convey hands-on experience building user interfaces and foster project management and teamwork skills.


This course builds on the foundations of Designing Interactive Systems I, and provides an understanding of how interactive multimedia systems are built from a computer science point of view. It covers the principles of event-based operating systems, window system architectures, input and output device technology for multiple modalities, as well as User Interface Management Systems and UI development toolkits and their relative merits. In the labs, students will develop a minimalistic window system themselves, but also learn to work with various real-life development environments, including window systems such as Java Swing and multimedia development environments, to develop user interfaces.

Activity Confirmation:

Lecture, successful completion of weekly project-based group assignments, graded written midterm and final examinations.

Course Materials:

Collaboratively editable web site (Wiki) for the course with lecture slides in PowerPoint/PDF format, sample videos to view online, online discussion forum for students taking the class, and space for students to create their group project web sites online.



Lecture Wed 09:00-10:30 2010
  Thu 09:15-10:45 2010
Common Lab (discussion) Wed 10:30-10:45 2010
Lab Session 1 Wed 10:45-12:00 2318
Lab Session 2 Wed 13:00-14:15 2318
Lecture Tue 13:30 - 15:00 A301
Laboratory Tue 15:00 - 15:45 N328


To be announced.

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