Our Presentations at CHI 2013

How Tools in IDEs Shape Developers' Navigation Behavior (Paper, Honorable Mention) An Evaluation of State Switching Methods for Indirect Touch Systems
Improving Touch Accuracy on Large Tabletops Using Predecessor and Successor (Note) Counter Entropy: Power Consumption in an Energy+ House (Case Study)
by Krämer et al. by Voelker et al. by Möllers et al. by Heller et al.
Fillables: Everyday Vessels as Tangible Controllers with Adjustable Haptics (alt.chi) How We Gesture Towards Machines: An Exploratory Study of User Perceptions of Gestural Interaction
(Work in Progress)
Conceptual Framework for Surface Manager on Interactive Tabletops
(Work in Progress)
by Corsten et al. by Grandhi et al. by Hamdan et al.

A Personal Design Manifesto
(Position Paper for the FAB@CHI Workshop)
PerspectiveTable: Blending Physical and Virtual Collaborative Workspaces
(Position Paper for Blended Interaction Workshop)
Designing a Touchscreen Web Browser for People with Tremors
(Position Paper for Mobile Accessibility Workshop)
by Borchers et al. by Hennecke et al. by Wacharamanotham
et al.

Our previous conference presentations: CHI 2012, UIST 2011, CHI 2011

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