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Torsten Palm

Diploma Thesis Student

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Diploma Thesis

My diploma thesis is part of the project "Looking Through Time". The goal is to develop an AR mobile phone application that supports the following idea. When a tourist captures a part of a building via his mobile phone's camera, this initial picture is substituted by a corresponding picture showing the building's part centuries ago. Finally, this substitution is shown in the mobile's display.

While doing the literature review for "Looking through time" it soon became clear, that the new area of AR is still in its infancy. Most projects are prototypes developed from scratch and not few of them lack the integration of user-centered design and user evaluations. Common guidelines can only hardly be found due to the great variety of AR approaches and findings from one project may be outdated rapidely due to the fast emergence of new technologies, especially in the area of mobile phones. Thus instead of realizing yet another prototype it makes sense to first tackle the mentioned deficiencies and to adapt the topic of the thesis accordingly.

My proposal will be held at 2009, June 18th during the i10 club session. A current version of my proposal as well as the slides are available for download.

The proposal is accepted and hence the project is ready to startup. To follow the development of "Looking Through Time" you can regularly visit my project page.

While working on my diploma thesis I am supervised by Max Moellers.

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