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2011-07-01 Experiments with new materials... a quick prototype for a textile touch sensor was created.
2010-10-29 What others say about LumiNet:
2010-08-23 alpha version of Arduino 0019 with LumiNet support: Arduino LumiNet IDE for Mac OS X (rb)
2010-04-22 Young girls used LumiNet on their own individual t-shirt designs at Girl's Day 2010 (rb)
2010-03-11 LumiNet will be in NYC at March 27th! Save the date: (rb)
2010-01-30 LumiNet was mentioned in this thesis by Alicia Gibb (rb)
2010-01-17 LumiNet Pin Mapping (rb)
2009-11-08 Article about sketching in hardware 2009 by Fabricio Dore (rb)
2009-09-03 Video showing two LumiNet jackets communicating (see beginning and end of video) - WDR Lokalzeit report on Dorkbot opening
2009-07-19 LumiNet tutorial for Sketching'09 (jb)
2009-07-17 Sketching In Hardware presentation about LumiNet (jb)
2009-06 It is now possible to use ATtiny2313 microcontrollers with the modified Arduino IDE. Download the ATtiny2313 Arduino core with interrupt support (rb) Important: this core is not compatible to Arduino0018. Please rename the file main.cxx to main.cpp and add this line to the beginning of the file:
#include <WProgram.h>
2009-05-20 Detailed software documentation: René Bohne's Master's thesis on LumiNet - check the appendix (rb)
2009-05-19 Binaries of the IDE are available now: Arduino LumiNet IDE for Windows, Arduino LumiNet IDE for Mac OS X --old!! See above for latest version!(rb)
2008-08 Wearable LumiNet demo video (jb)
2008-08-20 Hardware and software for two interactive jackets complete
2008-05-31 Bidirectional topology redesign (jb)
2008-02-05 Initial design concept (jb)
2008-02-20 First working prototype implementation on microcontroller (jb)
2008-03-02__ First SMD prototype (jb)

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