iOS Development at RWTH Aachen University

If you are interested in developing software for the iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices running a variant of iOS, here are some important pointers to get started, especially if you're affiliated with RWTH Aachen University:

  • As a book, I'd recommend the latest editions of Programming iOS and iOS Programming Fundamentals by Matt Neuburg; the latter is incredibly thorough (if you want that), and both are very well written. The Fundamentals even includes quick summaries of the older C and Objective-C languages if needed. Don't use any book that is older than the current version of iOS minus one.
  • iOS Application Development is a class taught by Prof. Jan Borchers and his iOS experts from the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University. Videos and PDFs are available on the course page.
  • Sign up for a free Apple developer account.
  • You have free access to the full annual Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) videos, an excellent resource to learn in more detail about specific Apple technologies you intend to use in your code, and the latest additions to the SDK.
  • To understand what Apple's various developer programs are, see Apple's Developer Program Overview.
  • Several groups at RWTH Aachen University are already signed up for Apple's iOS Developer programs:
    • Media Computing Group (Prof. Jan Borchers)
    • Computer Graphics & Multimedia (Prof. Leif Kobbelt)
    • Computer Vision (Prof. Bastian Leibe)
    • Distributed Systems (Prof. Klaus Wehrle)
  • If your institute would like to put software into the App Store for anybody to download (for free or for a charge), please contact the RWTH IT Center. They manage RWTH Aachen University's Company Program Membership. RWTH Aachen University is already registered as a developer institution, and Apple only allows one registration under this name. RWTH Aachen University would like all software developed by its staff to appear under the same institutional name to increase brand awareness and international impact—and it saves you the extra annual registration fee. Income from any software will be passed on directly to your group, and you will receive administrative rights to manage your software deployment in the App Store yourself.
  • If your institute would like to deploy to more than 200 devices in-house (not via the App Store), contact Adrian Wagner. He manages RWTH Aachen University's Enterprise Program Membership that supports this.
  • Check out our monthly Cocoaheads meeting of iOS and Mac developers, organized by the Media Computing Group at RWTH, with talks and discussion about the latest tools and techniques, to discuss your code with fellow coders, and grab some pizza.

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