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Hollywood Stars for the State's Top Trainees 2023

In 2023, the Aachen Chamber of Commerce (IHK) hosted the annual celebration (Landesbestenehrung) of the top trainees (Auszubildenden) from the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. This event only comes to Aachen once every sixteen years. The theme that year was Hollywood, with the trainees being the movie stars.

To showcase our Fab Lab as a local Aachen innovation, we created a star for each trainee, following the design from Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Local designer and maker Birgit Stolte did the graphical design and took over the automatic merging of over 200 names and vocations into the layout. The stars were then cut and engraved on our CO2 lasercutter using metallic dual-layer acrylic from Trotec. We attached self-adhesive 25 x 1 mm neodymium magnets to the back using Birgit's 3D-printed guide. The trainees then used a second magnet to attach the star to their lapel.

Afterward, the organizing team requested the stars shown above to memorize the event during their annual carnival celebrations.


TroLase Metallic European Gold brushed/black LMT754-20x 1.6 mm



Lasercutter Settings


Speed 15%
Power 80%
Frequency 80%


Speed 80%
Power 80%


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