Fab Lab Rules

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  • Location: Room 2014, ground floor, main building, computer science center, Ahornstr. 55
  • Access: Talk to your advising PhD student. We have some machines in this workshop that can be dangerous to people as unfamiliar with the physical world as the average computer scientist. (Hint: the saw does not have an Undo button when you cut off your finger.) We also have strict rules (see below) about keeping this place in good shape. That's why using the Fab Lab requires a personal briefing before access. Ask René to get your briefing. Afterwards he will add you to the list of fab lab users.
  • Keys: After your briefing you can get a dedicated personal key from Clarissa.
  • Fab Lab Master: You will share responsibilities with the other Fab Lab users for cleaning up. Ceyda will add you to our Fab Lab Master List. Make sure you know what week you're up! If you can't make it, let Ceyda know at least a week before.

The Rules

If you don't follow these rules, you may be blocked from using the lab.


  • René is the Fab Lab Master. Ask him if you have any questions. He is also entitled to ask you to clean up if you should forget.
  • The Fab Lab is for electronic and light mechanical hardware work. It is not for heavy sawing, Dremel work or drilling. If you create dust you cannot contain, move outside, e.g., outdoors (parking lot) in front of the Fab Lab.
  • To use the 3D printer, lasercutter, or PCB mill, contact René.
  • For private projects pay René before you start for the material you plan to use.
  • Always return all tools to their correct place immediately after you are done with them. Clean them if necessary. Every tool has its labeled place in this workshop; put it there and nowhere else.
  • If you must take a tool out of the room, put one of your name tags in its place.
  • If something is empty, broken or missing, tell René.

Before you leave for the day:

  1. Put your project into a project box with your name and the project name on it (ask René for a box). Storage for boxes is in the fab lab and in room 2010.
  2. Clean any desk you used, so the next person can enjoy a clean workspace when they come in.
  3. It's not ok to leave any empty packaging, component material leftovers, empty bottles, pizza boxes, dead pets or any other trash lying around. We want this space to be a pleasant environment to work in for everybody.
  4. Spend 5 minutes at the end of the day to clean up some aspect of the room that looks like it could use it - in addition to your own mess. Look around and be creative. Clean out a shelf, wipe off a surface, sort some resistors, throw out some trash (Jan-Peter has a trash key). If nothing else, use the broom or vacuum to clean the floor.
  5. Close the windows.
  6. Close the blinds.

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