Fabiji: A Tablet Kiosk to Facilitate Creating and Sharing Documentation

Fabiji is a mobile kiosk with an embedded iPad that offers a whole new experience for creating and sharing documentation at fab labs. It is a master thesis project by Zhao He, supervised by René Bohne


Fabiji was cited in the TransPortal project report. Their project page is dxlab.de (rb, April, 16th, 2014)


Webservice API

As backend for the Fabiji system, a webservice with RESTful API is developed.


BOM - bill of materials

For more details, see chapter 5.2 of the thesis.

  • 89 pairs of screws (M3x10 DIN7991) and nuts (M3 DIN562)
  • 8 sheets of MDF (5mm, 60cmx30cm)
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Download this file (fabiji.zip)fabiji.zip 21353 kB18082012-06-10 21:18
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