"DragonFly: Spatial Navigation for Lecture Videos" enables students to retrieve information from lecture videos by a single click.

Instead of using a generic tool, such as a timeline slider, DragonFly features content-based navigation. The original presentation document - a mind map authored with Fly - serves as navigation control. The student can zoom the map in and out and click on different text snippets or images which will automatically synchronize the corresponding lecture video to the time the lecturer talked about the selected item.

If the presenter referred to an item multiple times, the student is given the choice between different time modes. Hence, the same location in the map allows for efficiently switching between the different, content-related scenes of the lecture video.

In general, students using DragonFly perform up to 50% faster in retrieving specific lecture scenes compared to those who use a timeline slider to find the equivalent scene in the video. In case of multi-referened items, DragonFly testers were even up to 80% faster.


You can download the beta version of DragonFly here.

IMPORTANT: At its current status, DragonFly only runs under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Due to changes of the QuickTime framework in Snow Leopard, synchronization between the mind map and the video fails.

In order to play around with DragonFly, there is some test material available here.

Please unzip the file and drag the "DragonFly" folder (including the folder structure) to your home directory. In DragonFly, please open the file "~/DragonFly/Material/Talk 1/Multi-Touch und Surface Computing SmartBoard Rec1.flyx".




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