Dipl.-Inform. René Bohne

Dipl.-Inform. René Bohne

Research Assistant

Office location:   Room 2213
Telephone:   +49 241 80-21072
Email:   bohne@informatik.rwth-aachen.de

Current Work and Contact Info

As of 2017, I am Startup Program Manager at Telefónica Germany, where we are developing a consumer IoT platform called geeny. If you'd like to contact me, check out my personal web page: http://www.rene-bohne.de.

Schedule and Away Dates

My schedule has a dedicated page: bohne_schedule

Research Topics

Besides my teaching and research activities, I managed the Fab Lab Aachen, which is part of our chair at RWTH Aachen University.

Master and Bachelor Theses I supervised

StudentThesis TitleBAchelor/MAster/DiplomArbeitFinishedPDF
Mario Lukas FabScan Pi: an open-source stand-alone web-enabled 3D scannerBA2015PDF
Salsabil Hamadache LumiCAD - Interactive Organic Generative Design for Personal Photonics with OLEDs BA2015PDF
David Anton Sanchez openVNAVI - Open Vibrotactile Navigation Aid for the Visually ImpairedBA2015PDF
Christian Frohn FabQR - Using QR Codes in the FabLab Workflow BA2015PDF
Shadan Sadeghian Parashape - A Web Framework for Interactive Generators for Personal DesignMA2013PDF
Tim Hemig FabCenter - A Web Framework for FabLab CollaborationDA2013PDF
Radek Paluszak FabFAQ - A demand-driven learning platform for the personal fabrication domainDA2013PDF
Verena Kuhr Framer: A Personal Design Tool for 3D Picture FramesBA2013PDF
Mariana Bocoi LumiNet2: An Organic Interactive Illumination and Sensor Network for FashionMA2012PDF
Zhao He Fabiji - A Tablet Kiosk to Facilitate Creating and Sharing DocumentationMA2012PDF
Clio Kakoulli IdeaBall - A Physical Artifact for Moderating and Analyzing Brainstorming SessionsMA2011PDF
Thomas Oster VisiCut - An Application Genre for Lasercutting in Personal FabricationBA2011PDF
Francis Engelmann FabScan - Affordable 3D Laser Scanning of Physical ObjectsBA2011PDF

Student Assistants

These student assistants helped me in the Fab Lab:


FabLab Aachen

For many years, I was the main contact person for the Fab Lab at RWTH Aachen University. If you are a student at our chair, you can register for our FabLab training courses. These courses allow you to use the FabLab on any date (except Tuesday) without registration.

dorkbot Aachen

I organized the dorkbot Aachen meetings which continue to take place every third Wednesday of the month in room 2222.


I created the software for the robOLED robotic arm that types on an iPad and sends text to an OLED wall.
It is a permanent art installation in the new BMBF building in Berlin.


I was part of the iWall team. The iWall is an interactive light installation that opens up new opportunities in Smart Lighting research, teaching, and development for researchers, students, artists and makers. It is installed high up along the entire façade of the Computer Science building at RWTH Aachen University, facing Halifaxstraße.


I was one of the supervisors of the FabArcade project, an open-source games arcade that can be built in any Fab Lab.

Diploma Thesis

My Diploma Thesis was about LumiNet.
I created a distributed bootloader for the network and added support for the LumiNet hardware to the Arduino IDE. My supervisor was Gero Herkenrath.



Philipp Wacker, Chat Wacharamanotham, Daniel Spelmezan, Jan Thar, David A. Sánchez, René Bohne, and Jan Borchers. VibroVision: An On-Body Tactile Image Guide for the Blind. In CHI '16 EA: Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 3788–3791, New York, NY, USA, May 2016. ACM. Homepage PDF Document BibTeX Entry.


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René Bohne. LumiNet - An Organic Interactive Illumination Network. Diploma thesis, RWTH Aachen University, May 2009. PDF Document BibTeX Entry.

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