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Augmented Reality Wizard Duel


Augmented Reality headsets such as Microsoft Hololens open up possibilities for engaging and immersive applications by simplifying the necessary development. Augmenting the real world around the person allows for levels of engagement and experiences that were otherwise not possible such as mimicking magic power. However, the interaction with such applications is not fully developed yet. Therefore, we want to implement a wizard dueling game (known from Harry Potter, Dr. Strange, ...) for a current augmented reality device that allows casting spells by performing gestures and throwing them at your opponent.

What you will do

In MCP WS ’17/18, students will design and implement an augmented reality wizard dueling game on Microsoft Hololens. Students will use the headmounted AR glasses to display the game and use sensing tools to design and build the input devices for the game.

What you will learn

After the course, you will be able to work with Unity for game development. You will prove your knowledge and skill by implementing a functioning system which will allow users to play a dueling game in augmented reality. Additionally you will gain knowledge about gesture sensing and marker tracking technologies such as a Myo or Vuforia.

Preferred student background

DIS1 (Designing Interactive Systems) is a prerequisite or co-requisite (being taken in the same semester) of the course. The project will be evaluated based on usability heuristics presented in DIS1.

Basic knowledge of Unity, 3D modeling, and/or C# will give you a big advantage in the project. Nevertheless, we will refresh them for you in class during the semester.
^Hint: Mention your background and a link to your portfolio in the free text field in your application for the lab. This will increase the chance of being selected.

Why you should apply for this course

  • If you are interested in augmented reality, gesture and marker tracking, and game development, this is your chance!

  • If you are eager to build a real system that gives a new game experience, this is your chance!

Administrative info

Language: The course will be held in English and all submissions are expected to be in English
Tutors: Christian & Phil
Credits: 7 ECTS
Grading policy: Once the project phase has started, resignation from the course will result in a grade of 5.0.


For questions, please contact Christian and Phil.

Time & venue:

  • Wednesdays 13:15 - 15:15 Uhr, Room 2222 (2nd floor, Ahornstraße 55)

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