Media Computing Project (in Bonn) – Summer 2019

The lab will take place in the Seminar Room 3.111., B-IT building, Bonn every Friday, 14:30–17:00h.

Course Description

During this year's Media Computing Project in Bonn, you will iteratively build web applications that will be useful to researchers. Example project: An analytics UI framework that can used to log information from a researcher's website for later analysis.

Note: You need to use web technologies to complete the project. Prerequisite knowledge of web technologies (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, etc.) are required.
You will be able to use our Mac-lab in B-IT to work on the project. The Mac-Lab will be accessible during the normal working hours at B-IT. The emphasis will be placed equally on 1) whether you follow a user-centered design process and 2) the quality of the final implementation.


Student must have taken DIS 1 (Designing Interactive Systems 1), which we offer in the winter semesters. The student should also know web development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript).


For any questions about the lab, please contact Krishna Subramanian.

Class Times and Locations

Lab Friday
Room 3.111, B-IT Building, Endenicher Allee 19C, Bonn Start: 05.04.2019

Course Allocation

Computer Science (M.Sc.)
Number of SWS: 5
ECTS Credits: 10
Course language: English for all lab meetings, assignments, and submissions

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