Media Computing Project

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Research Theme

In SS12, this lab will be about writing with an iPhone. Yes, you heard right. Use your iPhone as a stylus to generate strokes.
You will explore different ways to capture the movement of the phone in groups and combine your results in a fully running prototype.

Main challenges for you will be:
  • finding out what can be tracked (position,movement,orientation, writing) using the built in hardware
  • developing powerful machine learning algorithms (likely based on SVMs).
  • finding ways to improve the stroke input to something that is similar to hand writing.


Being ambitious about the project is the most important thing. You will be doing a lot for your credits :-)
Prior experience with machine learning and human-computer interaction are big plusses. (*hint* describe your experience in your application form *hint*)

Course room


Learning room (L2P)



  • evaluation of what can be tracked from the different input channels. (30%)
  • full-blown implementation of the tracking software of your group's input channel (20%)
  • sensor fusion (10%)
  • web log (20%)
  • 3 page summary per person (10%)
  • final presentation (10%)


ask Max or Chat for more information.

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