Intuitex project aims to develop interactive textile interfaces that are intuitive to operate and robust for deployment. This work is in collaboration with research and industrial partners. This work is motivated by our previous work Pinstripe.
The project is funded by the German B-IT Foundation and by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Intuitex: An intuitive Textile Input Controller

When thinking of textile interfaces, these are often imagined as being integrated into clothing. While this is the most prominent use of fabric, we present a standalone interface that builds on the natural set of interactions a piece of fabric affords, and that is feasible for industrial production. By integrating stitched patterns made of conductive thread into a square piece of fabric, we are able to sense established connections within this pattern and map these to a model how the cloth is folded. An integrated microcontroller tracks these connections and communicates them as two-dimensional continuous value changes to a host application. We present the technical construction of our prototype, a particular clip-on technique to establish the connection between fabric and electronics, and first insights into recognizing different grip gestures.


Grabrics: A Foldable Two-Dimensional Textile Input Controller

Fabrics have unique characteristics and affordances which we be leveraged to develop a gesture alphabet for textile interfaces. Grabrics is a resistive textile sensor that is activated by an explicit fold and controller by rolling the fabric between the fingers. This input technique reduces the chances of accidental activation. Garbrics maps the rolling gesture (direction and displacement of the thumb over the fold) to control the direction and velocity of a 2D pointer.



Nur-Al-huda Hamdan, Florian Heller, Jan Thar, Lukas Ossmann in collaboration with Jeff Blum from McGill University. The Media Computing Group is one of seven teams in the Inuitex project.

Project Partners



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