Seminar: Post-Desktop User Interfaces

Course information:

See semester SS2017 for information and concrete topics.

Course requirements:

Please agree to the Ethical Guidelines for the Authoring of Academic Work (Ethische Richtlinien für das Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten) by signing the Declaration of Compliance (Erklärung zur Seminararbeit). Return the signed declaration on the first day of the seminar meeting.

The RWTH CS library offers a course to literature review (Literaturrecherche für Informatiker). This course is mandatory for all students to participate in our seminar.


Field of study:
  • Informatik (Master)
  • Informatik (Bachelor, if you already attended a Proseminar)
  • Media Informatics (M.Sc.)/Multimediabenutzung und -wirkung/in Aachen
  • System Software Engineering (SSE) Communication and Software Engineering
ECTS Credits: 4
The seminar will be held in English.

Course Aim:

After having achieved a general overview of the area of Human-Computer Interaction, this seminar will provide students with an idea of the current research topics that are being tackled in the research community. After the seminar, students will have some in-depth knowledge about one current area of HCI, and will have heard talks about numerous others. The seminar also provides students with an opportunity to refine their scientific writing and presentation skills, and since the topics are assigned to groups of two students each, it is also another chance to learn how to work efficiently as a team.

Quotes From Past Student Feedback:

"The discussion of the presentation style and drawbacks was really useful so one can improve his skills, and now I find presentations with less text and images just amazing. :) I have completely changed my opinion of what a good presentation looks like." — Anonymous student feedback, 2011.

"I really liked the extensive feedback on the presentation. I feel like I really learned a lot from this feedback and I know what to work on in future presentations now. Also, the rather rigid structure of the seminar was very good. My weaker self didn't like all the deadlines but after all it helped actually dividing the amount of work over the whole semester." — Anonymous student feedback, 2011.

Example presentation from Marcel Lahaye and Aaron Krämer

Activity Confirmation:

Successful completion of group reports and presentations on assigned topics, using the references provided as a starting point.



Thursdays14:15-15:45 room 2222

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